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Health, Fitness & Wellbeing retreats



Our 6-day (5 nights)Health & Fitness retreats are designed for people who are serious about implementing a long-term lifestyle change. Our programs are not centered around quick wins or claims of being able to lose 5kgs in one week! Our sole aim is to ensure that when you leave our program you feel you are on the right fitness track based on your own goals, you are more educated and understand your requirements when it comes to your diet and nutritional choices, and you have started your positive-habit forming process.

We have been in the health & fitness and people/leadership coaching arena for over 20 years so we know what does and doesn't work, and we are realistic when we coach you. However, we also know that with the right kind of coaching, you can adapt your brain to function and perform at a much higher level than you think. That’s why our program is different from the normal ‘run-of-the-mill’ retreats.


Yes, you will leave a much fitter and stronger person because of our intense, but incredibly fun fitness activities, yes you will understand the consequences and the ins and outs of how your diet can make or (literally) break you through our daily interactive educational nutrition seminars – but most importantly, throughout the week and beyond, we will be working with you on 'shifting' your mindset to help you push past what you believe your natural abilities are.  

mind & body reset

First, the Covid-19 pandemic and now global disruption. Everyone, including ourselves, has faced times of uncertainty, intense stress, and immense challenges around our work-life balance and mental health over the last few years. You have lost your 'flow', and are finding it difficult to get your mind back to its 'normal' level of operation - your sleep is suffering, family life is tense, and beyond anything, your health and your immune system are suffering - which eventually could lead to major health problems.


You feel tired and worn-out and as some of our attendees have said - 'lifeless'.

Our 4-day (3 nights), Mind & Body Reset program which takes place from Thursday to Sunday, has been created to focus on; low-intensity physical movement through a mix of martial arts, yoga, and functional-based exercises;  stress reduction breathing practice; applying a mindset change by utilising positive habit-forming systems; mindfulness meditation practice to assist in managing your sleep patterns, limit unhelpful thoughts, let go of negativity and calm both your mind and body; and mindful nutrition to ensure your immune system functions to the best of its ability and your body commences the process of resetting.

For you to have the most unique and holistic experience, our programs take place in tranquil country locations in Spain  surrounded by nature 


However, our programs (and team!) are transportable so we also give corporate clients and group bookings the option of coming to you, all you need to do is arrange the date, location, and attendees - then we do the rest. If you would like to have an informal and no obligation chat with us then hit the relevant button below and we will contact you within 48 hours.

Outdoors Yoga Class
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