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What are the Benefits of Using a Personal Health coach?

That really depends on what you looking to achieve - if you are looking for expert advice from a qualified professional; a personalised, varied and individual Optimal Health Programme which will give you new perspectives, someone who continually gives you motivation, encouragement and holds you accountable, someone who cares about your well-being and not just your physical health but your mental health; someone who can provide you with the tools and resources for your nutrition and lifestyle habits - then a qualified and experienced Personal Health Coach is ideal for you.

Hiring a Personal Health Coach isn’t just for professional athlete or the rich and famous - however, most of them understand the necessity of looking good and healthy, hence the fact they generally have one! There are numerous benefits for everyone in having a qualified professional helping you achieve your top fitness level and assist you in implementing a positive lifestyle change - ultimately helping you achieve your optimal health and peak performance levels.

Firstly – as everyone (and body!) are different, a Personal Health Coach can help you with your unique requirements. Whether it’s trying to achieve mental 'Peak Performance' in your job role, trying to boost your immune system through optimal nutrition (especially important at this moment in time!), recovering from an injury or wanting to become stronger – they will be there for you.

A Personal Health Coach can help you set realistic goals and motivate you in achieving them – how often have you set goals and given up due to a lack of motivation, both on a professional and personal level?

They hold you accountable – after all, do you beat yourself with a big stick when you give up? Probably not! (This is a figure of speech – if your Personal Health Coach is beating you with a big stick then you should be paying extra for it!).

They can help improve your mental health – regular exercise and optimal nutrition can help boost the chemical messenger, Dopamine in your brain (that's feel good neuro transmitter that contributes to the feelings of pleasure and satisfaction) a lack of Dopamine has been linked to depression and anxiety.

They help you form good habits – and yes you need to do this, a lifestyle change for the better doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time.

A Personal Coach, especially one that can work with you online, will be able to fit into your schedule, this obviously means flexibility in location (including travelling on business or going on holiday) which means no wasted time and maximum results!

You will always get a unique and personalised health plan and can be adapted and changed on a regular basis to ensure you continually achieve your 'Peak Performance'.

And………….a Personal Health Coach is your unofficial therapist, someone to sound off to and someone who will listen (but may not be able to give you all of the answers!).

Nobody is born with the knowledge of how to exercise, eat the right nutrition or set up a programme which suits your lifestyle, trying to do this can be quite overwhelming, whilst others try to do it but give up because they are not achieving the results or their goals. A train4performance Personal Health Coach will set you on the path to a healthier you and support you in overcoming the emotional, mental and physical barriers associated with trying to instigate a lifestyle change - ultimately achieving your peak performance.

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